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  1. Paolo Nesi, Pierfrancesco Bellini, Ivan Bruno, Nadia Rauch, Mariano Di Claudio, Giacomo Martelli and Claudio Badii.
    Km4City as Smart City Semantic Model and Tools
  2. Cuong Duc Nguyen.
    Entity-Based Search Engine
  3. Giuseppe Rizzo, Raphael Troncy, Oscar Corcho, Anthony Jameson, Julien Plu, Juan Carlos Ballesteros Hermida, Ahmad Assaf, Catalin Barbu, Adrian Spirescu, Kai-Dominik Kuhn, Irene Celino, Rachit Agarwal, Cong Kinh Nguyen, Animesh Pathak, Christian Scanu, Massimo Valla, Timber Haaker, Emiliano Sergio Verga, Matteo Rossi, Jose Luis Redondo Garcia.
    3cixty@Expo Milano 2015: Enabling Visitors to Explore a Smart City
  4. Jungyeon Yang, Jeongsoo Lee and Haklae Kim.
    Gnosis: Knowledge-based Rich News Service
  5. Haklae Kim, Jungyeon Yang and Jeongsoo Lee.
    Towards a Sales Assistant using a Product Knowledge Graph
  6. Rene Speck, Diego Esteves, Jens Lehmann and Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo.
    DeFacto - A Multilingual Fact Validation Interface
  7. Lei Zhang, Michael Färber, Andreas Thalhammer, Aditya Mogadala and Achim Rettinger.
    Exploiting Knowledge Bases for Multilingual and Cross-lingual Semantic Annotation and Search
  8. Jacek Fohs and Jaroslaw Bak.
    SemanticSearch Web Browser
  9. Dezhao Song, Frank Schilder, Charese Smiley, Chris Brew, Tom Zielund, Hiroko Bretz, Robert Martin, Chris Dale, Steven Pomerville, John Duprey and Tim Miller.
    TR Discover: Querying Interlinked Datasets with Natural Language
  10. Jin-Dong Kim, Kevin Cohen, Nigel Collier and Zhiyong Lu.
    PubAnnotation - a platform for linked literature annotations