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AnnoTerra is a Semantic Web Application that presents enhanced Earth science newsfeeds by making focused semantic searches on NASA knowledge catalogs using concepts and relationships of the Earth science realm.
At present, AnnoTerra processes newsfeeds from the NASA Earth Observatory by extracting meaningful keywords. These keywords are then used to perform ontology based semantic searches in the Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) for relevant resources. The results retrieved are subsequently mapped to an ontology of the Earth Observing System (EOS) ClearingHOuse (ECHO) and a new search is performed for corresponding datasets in the ECHO catalog. By creating an ontology for the GCMD and ECHO, and a equivalence between the two, we've created a semantic unification of Earth science resources registered in GCMD and data collections registered in ECHO.
Our project name, AnnoTerra, is derived from Annotated Terrestrial Information, with the idea of enhancing existing data sources with extra information.




Daniel Ramagem
Science Systems & Applications, Inc.
Email: daniel_ramagem@ssaihq.com