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CONFOTO is a browsing and annotation service for conference photos. It combines recent Web trends (tag-based categorization, interactive user interfaces, syndication) with the advantages of Semantic Web platforms (machine-understandable information, an extensible data model, the possibility to mix arbitrary RDF vocabularies). CONFOTO offers a variety of tools to annotate and browse pictures. Simple forms can be used to create multilingual titles, tags, or descriptions, while more advanced forms allow the relation of pictures to events, people, ratings, or copyright information. CONFOTO provides a tailored photo browser and gallery generator for pictures, and a generic RDF browser for other resource types. Although a central repository is used to store resource descriptions, it is not neccessary to copy photo files to the server: The application supports uploaded pictures as well as pictures linked via a URL or described in external RDF/XML documents. RSS export functions facilitate photo sharing, and a SPARQL interface enables and encourages extended data re-use.




Benjamin Nowack
appmosphere web applications, Essen, Germany