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DBin is a the first Semantic Web P2P platform aimed at the general internet users. The model is as follows: power users create "brainlets", which are domain specific applications (e.g. the Italian Opera Fan club) using the available high level API and these can be used to richly and cohoperatively annotate "things" that are commonly considered to be of interest in the domain (e.g. singers, operas, arias, theatres etc..). Given its all RDF, brainlets can interact and benefit from each other. DBin is currently based on the novel RDFGrowth P2P algorithm and sports a rich user interface and plugin system based n Eclipse RCP. Scheduled next (release 0.2x) : MPEG7 audio metadata integration for music brainlets, security trough digital signatures and certificates on RDF subgraphs, brainlets creation by a simple XML file and support for NON distributed models in a "semantic newsgroup" fashion.




Giovanni Tummarello
Universita' Politecnica delle Marche (Ancona, Italy)
Email: giovanni@wup.it