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DynamicView: Distribution of Research Areas in Computer Science

A Semantic Web application, named DynamicView, is implemented for students, professors and researchers to query and visualize distribution of research areas in computer science in top 20 universities of USA and China. Research areas are extracted from web pages of these universities and stored into relational databases. Based on the ACM Computing Classification System (1998) and the classification and code of disciplines by MST China, we use SKOS-like vocabularies to express the combination of the two classification hierarchies. Query results of research areas and hot topics are visualized in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) graph. It is found that researcher numbers are different in different countries, or even in the same country but with different ontologies. Great differences of hot topics between two countries do exist.




Zhiqiang Gao
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Southeast University, Nanjing, China
Email: zqgao@seu.edu.cn