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The FungalWeb Ontology

FungalWeb is the first project of its kind in Canada to focus on bringing semantic web technology to genomics. Ontology, multi-agent systems, machine learning and natural language processing are used to build tailored knowledge base and semantic systems of direct use to the scientific discovery process. Since its inception genomics has concerned itself with storage, management, and analysis of biologically relevant data derived from experimental and in-silico biological analysis which are distributed in different locations. Initially such information was predominantly sequence information along with hand curated annotation. FungalWeb Ontology is a large-scale integrated bio-ontology in the domain of fungal genomics using state-of-the-art semantic technologies. The Ontology provides querying and simplified access to units of intersecting information from different biological databases and existing bio-ontologies. It is imple-mented in OWL-DL language. In particular, the FungalWeb ontology as a core for the semantic web system can be used by human, bioinformatics applications or some intelligent systems for ontology-based information retrieval to provide extended interpretations and annotations that can better serve the purpose of communication over the Semantic Web.




Arash Shaban-Nejad
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Concordia University, H3G1M8 Montreal, Canada