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The MOMIS (Mediator envirOnment for Multiple Information Sources) is a framework to perform information extraction and integration from both structured and semi-structured data sources, plus query management facilities to take incoming queries and process them through the exploitation of the annotated GVV. The framework consists of a language and several semi-automatic tools.
  • The ODL-I3 language is an object-oriented language, with an underlying Description Logic; it is derived from the standard ODMG.
  • Information integration is performed in a semi-automatic way, by exploiting the knowledge in a Common Thesaurus (defined by the framework) and ODL-I3 descriptions of source schemas with a combination of clustering techniques and Description Logics. This integration process gives rise to a virtual integrated view of the underlying sources (the Global Schema, GVV) for which mapping rules and integrity constraints are specified to handle heterogeneity.
  • The MOMIS Query Manager is the coordinated set of functions which take an incoming query, decompose the query according to the mapping of the GVV onto the local data sources relevant for the query, send the subqueries to these data sources, collect their answers, perform any residual filtering as necessary, and finally deliver the answer to the requesting user.
The MOMIS system is based on a conventional wrapper/mediator architecture, and provides methods and open tools for data management in Internet-based information systems by using a CORBA-2 interface.




Francesco Guerra
DII- Universita' di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy
Email: guerra.francesco@unimo.it