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"MuseumFinland -- Finnish Museums on the Semantic Web” is a semantic portal that contains metadata from the collection databases of the National Museum, Espoo City Museum, and Lahti City Museum, and more content from other museums is being ported into the system. The application is intended for the public in the large to use (in addition to museum personnel).

MuseumFinland provides the end-user with a semantic seamless view to distributed heterogeneous cultural collections. A view-based semantic search engine based on seven cultural ontologies can be used for getting overviews of the contents along nine different dimensions (such as artifact type, material, place of usage, time of creation, situation of usage etc.), and for concept-based information retrieval. Semantic browsing is supported by a logic-based link generator that associates collection pages with each other in a meaning way and with explanatory link labels. For the museums, MuseumFinland provides a shared national publication channel for the Semantic Web.




Eero Hyvönen
University of Helsinki and Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT)
Semantic Computing Research Group
P.O. Box 68
Email: eero.hyvonen@cs.helsinki.fi