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The Personal Publication Reader

This application demonstrates how to provide personalized, syndicated views on distributed Web data using Semantic Web technologies. The application comprises four steps: The information gathering step, in which information from distributed, heterogenous sources is extracted and enriched with machine-readable semantics, the operation step for timely and up-to-date extractions, the reasoning step in which rules reason about the created semantic descriptions and additional knowledge-bases like ontologies and user profile information, and the user interface creation step in which the RDF-descriptions resulting from the reasoning step are interpreted and translated into an appropriate, personalized user interface. We have developed this application for solving the following real-world problem: We provide personalized, syndicated views on the publications of a large European research project with more than twenty geographically distributed partners and embed this information with contextual information on the project, its working groups, information about the authors, related publications, etc.




Nicola Henze
Research Center L3S & Information Systems Institute
University of Hannover, Germany
Vienna University of Technology
Lixto Software GmbH
Email: henze@l3s.de