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Pytypus: ontologies for bots

Pytypus is an open source project. It is a collaborative semantic engine that uses RDF as a base technology as most of the functionalities are described through the meaning of RDF annotations. Pytypus ontologies are studied to be useful for services (robots, or bots). The base service of this project is Tralco: a semantic database that manages contents, metadata and security. Tralco communicates with the world through XML-RPC and Perspective Broker, two open protocols for remote procedure calling. Tralco allows one content for each URI. It uses a simple ontology to describe owners upon URI namespaces, but a complex politics based on that ontology to perform access control. Tralco security is based on a public key algorithm. Another semantic bot, called Renderer, has been developed to interact with a Tralco via browsers. It offers some useful services for people, such as ’user/password’ access login, and a semantic template engine. Pytypus bots are built to be configured and extended through the semantic database. Tralco can be extended runtime with specialized queries, writing the code for them in an URI content. Similarly Renderer can be extended with new rendering codes, writing them in contents of URIs on its corresponding Tralco.




Paolo Veronelli - paolo veronelli@tiscali.it
Roberto Tazzoli - roberto.tazzoli@email.it