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Semantic Organizer

SemanticOrganizer is a collaborative knowledge management system designed to support the information storage and access needs of diverse NASA project teams, including distributed teams of scientists, engineers, and accident investigators. The system provides a customizable, semantically structured information repository that stores work products relevant to multiple projects of differing types. SemanticOrganizer contains a local repository for data, metadata, and links, but is also able to reference information available on arbitrary web servers. Semantic Organizer has been used to support a large number of teams in real world applications from astrobiology to robotics to engineering accident investigation. SemanticOrganizer was used to support the evidence organizing needs of the Space Shuttle Columbia Accident Investigation Board, and received numerous NASA honors for its contributions. SemanticOrganizer was a finalist in NASA's 2003 Software of the Year award competition.




Richard Keller
NASA/Ames Research Center
Email: keller@email.arc.nasa.gov