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SWEET integrates knowledge regarding earth science from various sources, including WWW available gazetteers, earthquake data from the USGS, CIA databases on countries and geographic polygons, and others. SWEET will automatically query the information sources, if the information is dynamic and SWEET does not know the requestion information. SWEET queries the gazetteers and the world factbook for specific facts related to countries and cities in textual form. It queries USGS for near real-time information on earthquakes and displays them on a zoomable world map. The same goes for the CIA World Databank polygons. SWEET also allows for human users to browse the local knowledge base and accept user input for modifications to the kb. It is also capable of outputting its knowledge various formats, including HTML, XML, RDF, OIL+DAML, and OWL.




Michael Pan
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Email: michael.j.pan@jpl.nasa.gov