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UNSO: Unspecified Ontologies for P2P
E-Commerce Applications

In this work we developed a novel approach of an Unspecified Ontology (UNSO). UNSO approach premises that the domain ontology is not fully defined and parts of it can be dynamically specified by the peers. To implement semantic routing we extend a hypercube graph structure to a multi-layered hypercube (MLH) that can be schematically depicted as a hypercube, where each vertex recursively consists of another hypercube. We use hashing to deal with the unspecified nature of the ontology and with the variety of terms that can be used. This allows the peers to distributively manage a dynamically growing ontology and uniformly distributes the ads among the MLH. To eliminate ambiguity and enhance system precision, the terms used by the peers in the ontological description of an object, undergo simple semantic standardization using WordNet. In summary, the main contribution of UNSO is in the novel notion of ontologies (as a technique for managing a dynamic set of forms) and its accompanied semantic routing.




Shlomo Berkovsky
University of Haifa, Israel
Email: slavax@cs.haifa.ac.il